New Tricks

This is what happens when one rusty—but determined—snowboarder tries to get rad with her son and husband at a Woodward Copper private lesson. Back in the day, I happily followed ripper friends around Lake Tahoe resorts and attempted little tricks like 180s and hucking off tabletops. I even taught snowboarding at Homewood Mountain Resort part-time during one of the three winters I lived on the North Shore of the lake (cue the joke about the difference between a beginning snowboarder and a snowbo

The Making of a $375 Running Shoe

Get full access to Outside Learn, our online education hub featuring in-depth fitness, nutrition, and adventure courses and more than 2,000 instructional videos when you sign up for Outside+ . We’ve seen $250, carbon-plated shoes for a few seasons now. But $375 for a pair of trail runners? One company out of Portland is betting that people will pony up. “We thought, ‘Let’s build what we want to build and the price will be the price,’” says Kevin Fallon, one of the two founders of Speedland. Th

Runner-Up Review: The Running Shoes That Almost Made Our 2022 Winter Buyer’s Guide

To select the best road- and trail-running shoes for our annual Winter Buyer’s Guide, we spend months putting miles on new and updated models from all the major brands. The competition for those limited print slots is fierce—only the very best new kicks make the cut. But every year there are a few shoes that miss out on the limelight because of very small details or because they’re a minor update to an older shoe. Here are the runners up from this year’s test. We looked forward to every run in

This Winter’s Best New Running Shoes for Road and Trail

September through March can bring the full spectrum of weather: crisp air and perfectly dry singletrack one day, snowy slop the next. Our picks for fall’s best road and trail shoes run the gamut from lead-pack speedsters that’ll make you want to head out and rip in all conditions to off-road warriors that won’t take no for an answer. We also selected a range of greats for cruisey miles to round out our list. This year, our choice for Gear of the Year does what we wish all gear would do: enable u

The 10 Best Kids’ Running Shoes

Kids of all ages run even when they’re not trying to run—they jump, climb, play, and run some more. And all that running leads to serious wear and tear on their footwear. Whether for recess, their first 5K, or their spot on the track and field or cross-country team, kids need durable, high-quality running shoes that can handle the mileage. Check out five of our top picks below, then keep scrolling for longer reviews of these shoes and others, as well as our tips to keep in mind when shopping fo

The 6 Best Over-the-Counter Insoles for Runners

Over-the-counter insoles can improve the fit and function of a running shoe, and some promise to do everything from reducing foot fatigue and plantar fascia strain to increasing running efficiency. But how’s a runner to wade through the sea of options, and why should you? While all running shoes come with some sort of insole, they can be flimsy and break down easily, according to Mark Plaatjes, owner of In Motion Running store, physical therapist, and world champion marathoner. “An over-the-c

I've been swimming for over 30 years. Here's the best swim gear and accessories for faster and more comfortable laps

• Well-designed goggles, swimsuits, swim caps, and accessories can make you faster and happier in the water. • I'm a gear editor and have been swimming laps for almost 30 years, so I know good swim gear. In the world of modern high-intensity training and boutique fitness classes, swimming is a refreshingly simple workout. All it requires is a basic swimsuit, access to a pool (which most towns have at a low community-center rate), and the basic stroke skills many of us learned as children. For

Heading to the Beach This Summer? Take Your Runs to the Sand for Extra Benefits

When Kyra Oliver heads out for her morning run, she usually opts for a paved route. But once or twice a week, the San Diegan heads toward the beach instead, where she watches the sun rise and listens to the waves crash as the miles tick by. Running on the sand helps Oliver clear her mind, but it also supplements her training for marathons and 50-mile trail races. “It works different muscles and requires a different focus for me,” Oliver tells Runner’s World. “If I’m on the packed sand by the wa

Trail Running Shoes for Going Far and Fast

The Flight Vectiv brings high-tech speed to the dirt. Like record-setting carbon-equipped road shoes (think: Nike Vaporfly), it has a full-length carbon-fiber plate that enhances forward propulsion and makes for a more efficient stride. Uniquely, the plate sits directly under the foot, between the footbed and midsole (instead of deep within the cushioning) and also extends up around the heel. This improves lateral stability off-road (though it’s a bit tippy on very rocky trails) and generates an

The best mounts, stands, baskets, and crates to organize your outdoor gear

The Store Your Board Freestanding Ski Storage Rack looks like metal, but it's actually made out of durable polycarbonate plastic, which keeps it lightweight and super easy to move. Assembly was remarkably easy; it took me less than five minutes to snap both footer supports into place and voila, I had a ski rack like you'd find at resort lodging. I placed our rack in the garage, where it's incredibly easy to slot skis in to dry after a long day on the mountain. I got the "standard version" which

Why I Need Adventure

I sort of always have. As a kid in North County San Diego, I’d explore the canyons around our house, cracking open rocks to look for fossils and building dams in gutters after a rain. As a young adult, I found adventure racing, and spent a number of years traipsing about on foot, bike, kayak, etc., often through the night and for days on end, with a map and compass to guide the way. And now, as a working mother of two in my 40s, adventure most often takes the form of trail runs in the mountains

Run Faster With Fun Tips From a Trail Running Superstar

A year after graduating from the Air Force Academy, where he was a standout track and cross-country runner, Jim Walmsley picked up a hiking book. It was 2013, and he was living in Great Falls, Montana, within striking distance of Glacier National Park and Helena National Forest. “I’d figure out routes that ended at a lake, a mountaintop, or a waterfall and would run the routes like a scavenger hunt,” he says. “I didn’t know trail running was a sport at that time, but I liked the sense of adventu

If You Didn’t Already Know, These Are 25 of the Best Running Trails in the U.S.

Whether you’re aiming to cover some serious distance or just looking to get a few quick miles with spectacular views, trail running is always an adventure—and chances are, there’s a great running path near you that’s just waiting to be explored. To inspire you to get out there—especially with races canceled during the coronavirus pandemic—we compiled the following list featuring some of the best trails across the country. These running routes come in a wide range of lengths and difficulty, so t

How to (Truly) Learn to Love Running

Most people start running programs guided by time or by mileage, which are both well and good. But if you’re new to running, know that there are other ways in that might suit your personality—or even just your mood—in a way that’ll get you really, truly hooked on running once and for all. Adapted from Running That Doesn’t Suck: How to Love Running (Even If You Think You Hate It), these plans are tailored to beginning runners but can work for runners burnt out on their current routines. For the

How to Find Your Ideal Running Partner—And Troubleshoot When You Have Problems

The following was adapted with permission from Running That Doesn’t Suck by Lisa Jhung (Running Press) Finding the ideal running partner has some similarities to finding a life partner. Maybe you get a good partner vibe from someone in your running club; another participant at a race; or someone you see often or have seen on a running route you like. Or maybe you don’t find your partner while you’re actually running, but you discover that someone in your exercise class, office, school, or dorm

Why It’s So Hard to Run a Sub-4 Mile at Altitude

For elite track athletes to run a mile in less than four minutes, conditions need to be just right. And on Thursday evening, August 15, at the University of Colorado’s Potts Field in Boulder, Colorado, they pretty much were. The sun dipped behind the mountains, and the wind had died down to nothing. Bright lights illuminated a decent-sized crowd who had their eyes on the elite men and women who had shown up to run the Boulder Road Runner’s All Comer’s meet, which was ending with what organizer

How to Pick the Perfect Hike for Kids of All Ages: Elementary School-Aged Kids

Our guide provides tips on how to pick age-appropriate challenges for your little hikers. Check out the full series here. I have an 8-year-old who’s going into third grade and an 11-year-old who’s going into sixth grade, both boys. They are very active—and somehow more active when they’re together—but that doesn’t always mean they’re always willing to hike five or six miles, which I’m sure they’re capable of. When choosing hikes to do with them, I look for natural elements that will keep them

A Test of Tecnica's Custom Trail-Running Shoes

Get full access to Outside Learn, our online education hub featuring in-depth fitness, nutrition, and adventure courses and more than 2,000 instructional videos when you sign up for Outside+ . I’m sitting on a padded bench at a hotel in the town of Agerola, 2,000 feet above the Mediterranean Sea on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. My feet and lower legs are in an air-compressing, boot-like contraption that’s making me feel as if I’m about to step out from Apollo 11 and onto the surface of the moon. The s

How These Colorado Students Learn to Run With a Buffalo

Running with a 1,300-pound bison is not your average college extracurricular. Yet, each spring in late April as the semester draws to an end, students line up with hopes of being part of one of the University of Colorado-Boulder’s proudest traditions. This year, 35 current and incoming students came out hoping to be handpicked to earn the coveted title of being one of the school’s “Ralphie Handlers.” Ralphie is the name of the bison, or buffalo as is the school mascot, that has led the home tea
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